Friday, February 8, 2013

A Little Inspiration from my friends...

Howdy Hey there!

I have been missing connecting with you! My thoughts would drift back to you and all the fun things we shared. I would giggle at some of the stuff you posted( You sure were funny!) and you would give me great advice or the pat on the back I needed.

I learned so much from you and love watching you grow and show me all the new things you've learned. I still think of you often and wish we had more time together...

So in honor of you I will post this

I was inspired to make these pencil toppers from Crafting With Katie on You Tube. Her channel is I had to modify the pencil holes because my pencils were too big to fit in the ones she showed on her video. I made over 40 of these for my daughter's classmates and my girl scout troop. I also made santa claus ones but forgot to take pics of them. Thank you for always inspiring me to try new things.

Until the next project,

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  1. Hey Tisha, We miss you, I know with myself that it is hard to post everyday, but if we are bot careful, days turn into weeks, and weeks into months ect. i have missed your posts, so I hope you come back and post every once in a while! Karen♥


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