Friday, June 7, 2013

Jars of love

Wanted to show some of the jars I made for the children to place their flowers they brought their teachers for appreciation week. 
This is a side view
Here they are in the bin ready for delivery.

I used the close to my heart cart artiste. I can't say enough great things about it, it's so versatile. I love all the images on it. I recommend for this image to make sure you use a good mat and fresh blade, I was toward the end of mine and had a hard time knocking out all the little intricate pieces. Thank goodness my mom helped, I had almost 30 to make. I designed with Microsoft word for the circular wording and a strip of paper to wrap around the jar. I was hoping the atg adhesive would be strong enough but some came apart. Next time, I will use ribbon to wrap round and possibly the red tacky tape. 

Thank for looking!

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  1. Hey Tisha!! What a cute idea!! What a great way to make something so adorable out of a plain glass jar!! I am sure that the teachers will love this very thoughtful gift!! Karen♥


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